Technical School Programs in Corpus Christi

If you are thinking about continuing your education in Corpus Christi, you are in luck. With the great selection of technical schools in Corpus Christi TX, you can choose from a range of programs, all of which leading to rewarding careers in high-demand industries. The following is just a small sample of some of the options you can choose from.  
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Comparing Colleges To Vocational Schools In Waco

Continuing education beyond high school can help put you on the path to success to reach your career goals. However, you have options between going the traditional college for an associate or bachelor’s degree or going to a technical or vocational school for career training. Vocational schools offer a shorter training time and you can receive a certification that will lead directly to a career in a highly-skilled profession, such as in health care, business, beauty, utilities, IT, or construction. Below are some of the differences between trade schools and colleges to help you with your decision. Read more…

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Trade Schools Near Killeen And Temple Texas

Thinking about starting or going back to school to obtain the skills for a new career?  You may want to check out the various trade school options available in the Killeen/Temple area.  Trade schools focus on teaching you practical skills that lead to jobs in a timelier manner than going through the traditional 4-year college route.  You can learn the skills needed in a vocational or trade school for careers such as Welding, HVAC, Cosmetology, and various medical staff positions including Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Assistant, Office Assistant and Nurses Aid.  Below are a few trade school options in the Killeen area to check out and see if they are a right fit for you. Read More…

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HVAC Training Job Traits

In addition to HVAC training San Antonio TX, technicians need to possess some extra skills to find success in the job market. Click here to find out more. There are plenty of job opportunities for graduates of HVAC training San Antonio TX, with around 20,870 positions in the area, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it is still necessary to stand out from the crowd if you want to secure a job straight out of school. The following are a few skills and personality traits that can assist trained applicants in getting hired.
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Training As A Medical Assistant

A routine appointment with your doctor may seem like a one-on-one visit, but it actually isn’t. You will interact with your doctor and nurse. But it doesn’t end there. There are a number of different people who are involved in the efficient functioning of any health facility, and one of those people is the medical assistant. In fact, the first person whom you see in your doctor’s office may be the medical assistant.   They check you in, schedule subsequent appointments, answer phones, file insurance forms, and answer questions about the office. Depending on their medical assistant training, they may also administer injections, draw blood, and verify the accuracy of your medical records.  
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How To Make More As A Medical Assistant

In a tough economy, finding a career that will guarantee long-term prosperity may seem like a pipe dream. Although there is no sure-fire way to succeed, the high demand for medical aid workers makes training as a medical assistant a good bet. Medical assistants enjoy a robust job market, valuable skills, and a plethora of chances for further career advancement. Medical assistant schools in San Antonio TX will give you the training to pursue:
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